Friday, July 10, 2015


Ever been stuck in a rut?

You know... having this empty miserable feeling from the depths of your soul... that seems like nothing is really going right?

Or maybe you don't believe you have a soul to begin with... cuz you're an atheist or something, right?

I'm sorry friend... you DO have a soul.  Just because you refuse to acknowledge its existence doesn't mean it isn't there.  

The fact you got this emptiness deep within you...

Is testament to the fact that there is something lacking in your life...

That there is a void.

A void that ONLY JESUS CHRIST can fill.  

So that's why you better repent of your sins and turn to Jesus Christ ASAP!!!

Oh wait...

I forgot you're not just gonna believe this right away cuz of so many fake "Christians" you've seen.  So many hypocrites professing the name of Jesus but not living the life.  Singing praises to Jesus on a Saturday or Sunday... then the rest of the week is party time and living like a non-believer.  

Well friend, those aren't Christians.  They aren't "saved" like what they say they are.  

In fact, they're no different than anyone else who is unsaved.  They're no different than the Muslim or Jew or Atheist or Agnostic or Buddhist or Spiritual non-religious people...  

Because their god is not Jesus.  Their god is THEMSELVES.  If you live your life for hedonistic pleasures... if you live a life that is all about serving SELF...  you are not "saved".  And living a life like that... will torment you.  

As the Bible says, the wicked will be turned INTO Hell... (Psalm 9:17)

You create your own hell... you reap what you sow... (Gal 6:7)

Why do you think all these rich people are some of the most cranky acting people you ever see?  All their Mercedes Benz... or Audi... or BMW... and million dollar houses... and yachts... and their drugs on the side... and their many women who they fornicate with... 

Cannot seem to make them happy and fulfilled inside.  

Because by the life they live, they have forgotten God... and all this living for themselves has just ruined their soul.  

Friend, I used to just live for myself.  I used to indulge in pleasures of the flesh.  Because I used to make pretty good money... and I used it on video games, alcohol, and prostitutes.  

And still got that emptiness inside when I lived such a lifestyle.  

Now... I'm living for Jesus...  

Never been happier in my life!  

Friend, the clue here is SELF-DENIAL...  breaking every chain that grounds you to this 3-dimensional realm...  

This "matrix"... which some of you may believe to be a type of hell... and you keep getting stuck here with every reincarnation cycle because you're somehow not yet enlightened... and you keep getting sent back here to keep learning and learning and trying and trying... therefore it is an endless loop... some type of "eternity" in "Hell"...

Sure sure...  if you wanna believe that and get stuck in this 3-D realm that has NOTHING TO OFFER so be it.  

You wanna be in this world, FINE.  Your loss.  Not mine. 

 If you're happy in this world that you have to pay for just to live in it... and has nothing but corrupt governments, and war, and wicked people that dwell in it, its all up to you.  Your loss.  Not mine.  

YOU are the one missing out on Heaven, friend.  Not me.  

Your loss.  Not mine.  

I don't care about recruiting members into my little church... in fact, this blog is a completely one man operation that is fully funded by my own hard-earned money.  All the online ads you've seen that led you to this blog... are all paid for by my own hard-earned money.  I don't even ask for donations because that will put a stumbling block before me and may tempt me to corruption... and before I know it, I'll be like one of these fake Christians on TV who just want your money to buy nice planes and mansions and other worldly crap that the Bible speaks against!!!  The Bible says to STORE UP TREASURE IN HEAVEN!!! (Matthew 6:20)

So there you have it.  I'm practicing what I preach.  

Instead of putting my money towards stupid worldly things like video games, alcohol, and prostitutes... I'm putting my money towards preaching the gospel.  

I actually put my money where my mouth is.

Where you put your money is where your god is.  

If you put your money on worldly things, that is your god.  Your god is not Jesus but yourself... and the prince of this world... (John 12:31) (Eph 2:2) (2 Cor 4:4)

Therefore, if you serve this world, your god is Satan.  

Even a Satanist will tell you that Satanism is just self-worship.  At least the low level ignorant ones who aren't yet into sacrificing children and animals or cutting themselves to get Satanic occultic powers...  

They tell you they're really atheists and just calling themselves "Satanist" because it is the archetype of rebellion... rebellion to a tyrannical evil god as they so perceive... and they tell you all about the hypocritical "Christians" that arent really saved because of how they live their life...

These "Christians" are of the WHORE OF BABYLON (The Roman Catholic Church) or of the HARLOT DAUGHTERS (Protestants, Calvinism, all other denominations) of the WHORE... (Rev 17:3-5)

Yeah... God is so evil that he's taken the karma of your sins upon His shoulders on that cross... so you can possibly inherit eternal life...  

Your occult books will tell you to sacrifice an animal to take away your karma or something... 

Partial truth... because an animal isn't pure enough to be sacrificed and to take away your sins.  Animals have been corrupted by the negative energy that the sin of Adam and Eve has created (Romans 5:12) (1 Cor 15:21).  Because if that isn't the case, why does the Bible say that the wolf will lay with the lamb?  (Isaiah 11:6)  A wolf is a carnivorous predatory animal... how is it possible for the wolf to lay with a lamb without eating it?!?  

Because this world will be purified...  when Jesus arrives.  The world will return to that state if the negative energy of this earth gets purified.  And for that to happen, we humans must repent and forsake our sins.  

The gospel of the kingdom must be proclaimed to all nations... (Matthew 24:14) before Jesus will come.  

Proclaimed not just in word but in deed.  

Forget about all these fake hypocrite pimps who call themselves "Christian" on TV... 

In fact... forget about the man writing this blog.  I'm a sinner who deserves Hell if not for Jesus.

Focus on the REAL gospel.  Focus on JESUS.  

Repent of your sins... (Acts 3:19)

Deny self... (Luke 9:23)

Forsake the things of the world... (1 John 2:15)

Ask Him to come into your life... with a broken and contrite spirit... (Psalm 51:17)

And meditate on GOD.  Don't just be clearing your mind and emptying it.  (Joshua 1:8) (Psalm 1:2)

That is the path to spiritual enlightenment.  

May God keep you and bless you.