Thursday, December 11, 2014



Allah appeared to me in a dream and he said he's Jehovah. Of course I said "no you're not God... who are you"?
That's when he said he is "allah". Looks like a man in his 50s... with a beard... face and entire body silver... eyes piercing yellow glow. Had the personality of an alpha male military commander. Appeared to have capability to shift to female gender... demons that can shift gender are higher class!
Then God (Jehovah) pulled me aside and told me the real name of Allah is "sinana" (or "sanana" or something pronounced like that...)
The presence of God is like a consuming fire. Felt shaking throughout my spiritual body. I could tell I will be destroyed if I stand in the presence of Jehovah for more than 10 seconds!
Jehovah's spirit force / chi / reiatsu / chakra would destroy me. Because I am filth in comparison to Moses or any prophet who had a deeper connection to Jehovah. I am not righteous and worthy enough to be in the astral frequency that Jehovah inhabits... for more than 10 seconds!
Anyway, woke up after that... and this experience convicted me more about how Islam is a false religion.
Allah... is not Jehovah! Even though these blind Muslims... and the Pope say that Jehovah and Allah are the same God.
If the Pope is really Jehovah's representative on earth... he should be boiling mad at Islam... a religion that denies Jesus as God!!! And it also denies how Jesus died on the cross! The pope shouldn't be hanging out with Muslims if he's a true man of God!!!
/end rant