Sunday, November 2, 2014

Aliens and Reptoids are demons and they're there to deceive you and drag you to HELLFIRE!!!

There's a deception going around out there about how the light you see when you're about to die... Is just a part of the program created by the reptilians to wipe your memories clean so you'd be reinserted back into the "matrix" so they feed on you again in your next reincarnation cycle.

A final attempt to get you to reject Jesus.

If that is really true... If Christianity is just another religion created by the reptilians...

Then why are the teachings of Jesus about overriding the "reptilian brain"? (Loving enemies... Denying self... Etc.)

Then why has every organized religion in history tried to wipe out biblical Christianity? From the Babylonians... To Rome... To the Catholic Church inquisition... To the modern day Islamic state "caliphate"... Also Buddhists in Japan, China, Korea, and other Asian countries persecuted Christians...

List goes on.

So... Whose religion is created by the reptilians?

This deception doesn't work on me because I've seen way too many demons manifest cuz they can't tolerate the name of Jesus Christ!

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