Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nov 2, 2014 gospel outreach

The gospel was delivered today near Vaughan, Ontario near a shopping mall.  Hundreds of tracts and DVDs were handed out and a mounted pole sign was up.

Estimated 500 tracts handed out and 100 DVDs given away.

People entering and exiting the mall were given tracts and DVDs.  Not as negative as downtown Toronto.  Neighborhood was mostly Jewish people and Filipinos.  Many Muslims in the area as well but not the "jihad boy" types.

Had one on one witnessing with a couple Filipinos...

And one kid who had gangsta rap blaring from his headphones and had a sad countenance to him... Seemed to have his face light up as he received a gospel tract.  The poor guy, like most young people are angsty because this society has nothing to offer them but false hope and lies that they get angry and turn to gangsta rap and rock to seek refuge.

Only a few dirty looks and one guy yelled "hail Satan".  That's all the negative feedback we got.  Therefore, proving the point of how the amount of sin in any given area is directly proportional to the hostility towards the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The highest concentrations of negativity towards the gospel message is near the universities (hotbeds of feminism, atheism, communism, and the occult), nightclub district (sexual perverts) or when sin festivals like "gay pride" or "nuit Blanche" or "caribana" are going on.

But in areas where there is still some form of godliness, the people in general are receptive to the gospel message... Or at least NOT HOSTILE to people witnessing the gospel.

Sure you can argue that the Jews have rejected Jesus... And the Filipinos are Catholic and under that deception... But at least both groups have a form of godliness and striving sincerely after God even if they are under the deception of their respective religions.

Praise God for the success of this gospel outreach and working through brethren and sisteren in Christ Jesus!

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