Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov 8 to 9 field report... Deliverance and street preaching

November 8,2014 deliverance

Attended a deliverance service by a pastor from the Philippines.  Don't completely agree with him doctrinally because he's under the yoke of pretribulation rapture, Trinity, and he's a little soft on sin and repentance.

But then again, he has a heart after God and does one of the works of God which is casting out demons.

Service started with singing songs of praise and lifting up the name of Jesus.  As the spiritual atmosphere of the area changed, demons started manifesting.

One white woman in her 40s just started growling and hissing... As she run out of the church building as if her clothes were catching fire.  She run very fast.  Her demon cannot withstand the spiritual atmosphere... The higher vibrational frequency brought upon by the Holy Spirit of God.

One Muslim woman in there was hacking and coughing... As the name of Jesus was being said over and over again.  Her demon manifested.  Identified himself as "Rajav".  Demon said the following things:
1) he was ordered by Lucifer to torment her... And he pushed her into a pool and she almost got drowned as a little girl.
2) demon said that this world belongs to Satan.
3) demon admitted that their mission on this world is to feed on the negative spiritual energy of the sinner.

The Muslim woman wasn't quite repentant of Islam.  She refused to renounce Islam and confessed she was just there to have her demon delivered... To solve the problem... But she had no intention of renouncing Islam and admitting Jesus Christ is Lord.

She was told that the devils are gonna come back if she doesn't accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Muslims deny he deity of Jesus.  They say he is just a prophet.  No wonder they are so oppressed by demons.

She then left.

And another member of the congregation... A woman in her 20s... Suddenly started growling and hissing but didn't run out.  She was prayed over and she ended up weeping and crying out to God.  She was healed.  And delivered.

This woman came from an abused past.  Drugs... Abusive family... Possibly involved in prostituting herself to make money... And the spirit of the most high God aided in her healing and deliverance.


November 9, 2014 street preaching

We went out to preach in Scarborough, Ontario.  A group of Muslims decided to debate us.  They kept going on and on about how it is the same God that revealed the Torah, Gospels, and Koran.  But at the same time, denying the deity of Jesus Christ.  He's just another human prophet they said.

But... If it is the same god who revealed the Torah, Gospels, and Koran... Then why is it that:

1) fruits of Mohammad and Jesus are different...

2) The Bible says Jesus is God and there's no other way to Heaven. (John 14:6)  But why does Koran tell a different story?  Shouldn't the same God reveal the same thing to Mohammad?  But why is Mohammad's revelation different?

The Muslims cannot answer.  They either dodged questions, got tongue-tied, or just rolled their eyes.

Especially when I told to them how God can live inside of you.  (1 cor 6:19) (John 2:21) (Romans 8:9)  (2 cor 6:16)

All the Muslims can say to that is... "That is impossible!  Allah is separate from you!"

So... Why will I worship a God like that?  ALLAH IS NOT JEHOVAH!!!  ALLAH IS A DIFFERENT GOD!!!  Plain and simple.

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