Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sep 29,2014 Gospel Outreach

The gospel was delivered... Went out and did some track handing and evangelizing with a few brothers in Christ.

Tracks and DVDs were handed out... And had some one on ones with a Calvinist, an atheist, and a racist Chinese guy.

The Calvinist had a heart seriously for Jesus... She's just blinded by some false doctrines spouted from the pulpits of her church... Namely predestination, blind submission to government, and "once saved, always saved".

The atheist came from a catholic family... Really was at it for 2 hours with this guy attempting to undo the damage that was done on his soul by the catholic church and the liberal atheism promoted in the school system of Canada.

The racist Chinese... This is the 3rd time I run across him and he's adamant that Jesus only died for Jews and I should not be Christian because I am not a Jew. I should be Buddhist or something like that.
Another reminder of the sick and perverted society we live in. Numerous people were getting in our face rationalizing and justifying their sin. Like a woman justifying abortion... And two women dressed like harlots trying to be smartass.

Another faith edifying experience.

Every time I get reminded of the wickedness and demons operant in this world... My faith in Christ gets edified and I get reminded that I need Jesus.

He is my lord, my God, my savior! Hope is only found in Jesus Christ! Not in the garbage culture of society!

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